"Is Your Business Located in a Levy County Enterprise Zone?"

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The Enterprise Zone Development Agency was created by the Levy County Board of County Commissioners on September 19, 2006. This Board was created pursuant to Florida State Statute 290 and was necessary so that an application for parts of Levy County to be designated an enterprise zone could be completed.

The municipalities of Bronson, Chiefland, Fanning Springs, and Williston joined in the efforts to have parts of their cities included in the ‘Zone’.

Levy County - 4.41 miles

Bronson – 1.26 miles
Chiefland – 4.12 miles
Fanning Springs – 1.35 miles
Williston –3.95 miles

Total Miles for Enterprise Zone Designation: 15.09 miles

The Levy County Enterprise Zone is 15.09 square miles. We have designated areas in Williston, which includes the Industrial Airport, Bronson incorporating three commercial nodes, Chiefland incorporating the Industrial Park and corridor leading into Fanning Springs. The Enterprise Zone business if eligible will receive incentives such as JOB TAX CREDITS (both Corporate & Sales/Use Tax), PROPERTY TAX CREDITS, SALES TAX REFUND FOR BUILDING MATEIRALS, SALES TAX REFUND FOR BUSINESS MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT, for those businesses located in the Enterprise Zone. Not only do new businesses that locate to the area receive these benefits, but existing businesses also receive these tax credits.

Check out the Incentives page to see how to qualify and apply for these incentives and benefits.

Businesses in the Enterprise Zone also receive priority when applying for other State of Florida incentives for Rural Special Considerations.
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